What Drives Me


Its all about ocean…

...in my life, work, and play.

I’ve been centered in and on the water all my life, spending countless days at sea, surfing across the globe, and working in fisheries all over the world. 

My passion for fisheries stems from an upbringing in a small New England fishing town. I grew up beside the ocean and a as part of a community very much tied to the sea. I went to school to become a marine biologist and spent my early career working as a field scientist.

Upon receiving my master’s degree I managed an international, multi-stakeholder fisheries and marine spatial planning project which supported the creation of a marine sanctuary in Galapagos.

In 2014, I co-founded Salty Girl Seafood with the aim of creating positive change in the seafood industry and global oceans and grew it to an internationally recognized seafood brand. 

I am excited to apply my lessons learned as an entrepreneur to solve the greatest problems facing our oceans and am deeply motivated to preserve and protect our ocean’s resources for generations to come.