Driving change through business…

In 2014 I founded Salty Girl Seafood, a mission-based seafood company aimed at driving positive change in global oceans and fisheries. With my awesome team, I built the company from idea to exit, and along the way grew Salty Girl to an internationally recognized seafood brand. At the company, I played a key role in establishing key partnerships, developing strategy, and leading a cross functional team toward our vision and mission.

I am a frequent speaker on the topic of sustainable seafood, the future of our global oceans, and the role of innovation in marine conservation and have been featured in over 100 national and international publications and podcasts.

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Awards for Salty Girl

Fish 2.0--Best Business Opportunity | November 2015 | Salty Girl Seafood was awarded Best Business Opportunity in a business model competition for seafood businesses with a positive social and environmental impact.

Woman Owned Business of the Year | July 2015 | Pacific Coast Business Times | Salty Girl Seafood was named Woman-Owned Business of the Year by the Pacific Coast Business Times.

Presenter at Bloomberg's Next Big Thing Summit | Jun 2014 | Salty Girl Seafood presented at Bloomberg's Next Big Thing Summit in Sausolito, which convened tech’s most important entrepreneurs, investors and innovators for an unconventional two-day discussion about what makes great tech leaders, successful companies and disruptive products.


Click to watch the award winning pitch at the 2014 Fish 2.0 Competition: